Hi There, I’m Bronnie

I am Bronnie. I am a mum, a lover, a lover of life, a tea drinker, a friend, a sister, an aunty, a best friend, a doula, a yoga teacher, a reiki practitioner and so much more.

I have a hunger to constantly be learning new things and growing my mind and soul. I believe that I will always be a lifelong learner as this appetite will never be fulfilled. 

If I had to sum myself up in a few words, words like; curious, fun, loyal, soulful, spiritual, lover, positivity, communicator, might come to mind.

I am currently on a journey. A journey of self-discovery. To finally be my authentic self and not hiding myself from people but being who I am meant to be. After 4 years of living only half a life I have awoken from my slumber and sickness and have come out the other side.

I am passionate about working with people and helping them on their healing journey, whether that be through reiki, crystal work, prayer, yoni mapping and massage or even yoga. To be a part of such a journey is truly and honour.


I am dedicated to supporting and empowering women in…

• Helping Tune into your body and the wisdom 
• Reclaiming your body and your soul
• Finding your voice that is deep within us and being able to express what we truly want
• Learning the importance of how to set and keep boundaries
• Reconnecting to your feminine essence
• Helping you to let go of shame around yourself, your body, your mind
• Helping you to release trauma and emotion that have been help with in the body that may be blocking you from living life to the fullest
• Exploring ways that you can be intimate with yourself and others.